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Big Data on Nutanix

The year 2017 is remembered as the year that enterprises really caught on to the importance of big data analytics. On March 2017, a survey was conducted by Dun & Bradstreet partnered with Forbes Insights to learn more about analytics adoption. Some of the major findings mentioned that Data analytics had moved from IT and finance to the majority of business functions but the skills gaps persisted across the enterprise and a better data analytics best practices was really needed.

Enterprises are still facing significant headwinds when it comes to getting new data analytics projects up and running. The complexity relating with big data infrastructure results in slow provisioning, high operating costs, and availability challenges.

So instead of struggling with open source software and bare-metal deployments, smart IT teams are turning to pre-packaged software distributions running on the hyperconverged Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Many Nutanix customers have already been running these distributions for years.

To ensure the best possible experience with big data analytics, Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is now fully certified to run Cloudera Enterprise workloads through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program. Nutanix and Cloudera combination is a great way to accelerate a company’s data analytics efforts. Running Cloudera on Nutanix means that the big data analytics can run on the same shared infrastructure as other applications, eliminating silos, simplifying infrastructure management, and reducing costs which is very advantageous for any enterprise.

One of the adopters immediately saw this benefit of running big data analytics alongside other workloads on Nutanix. The company has standardized on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and is moving a variety of business-critical applications to Nutanix along with Cloudera. Running Hadoop in a fully virtualized environment is allowing them to easily and quickly migrate new big data projects from development, to QA, to production.

Some Nutanix customers have also discovered that the flexibility of enterprise cloud makes it possible to redeploy existing infrastructure for big data to other tasks during off hours such as weekends and evenings, further reducing the cost of big data analytics and delivering an even greater return on investment from Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

The combination of Nutanix and Cloudera is constantly delivering a number of significant benefits for many organizations. The combination is simplifying and accelerating provisioning for big data projects. This combines the flexibility and ease-of-management of virtualization with the performance of bare metal. With Nutanix the cost of purchasing, installing, and managing infrastructure for big data is also reduced. On-premises infrastructure is also made easier for big data projects to consume. And with Nutanix HCI, the availability is also increased and has eliminated planned downtime as well.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS Software uses many of the same design principles as Cloudera software, including a scale-out, shared nothing architecture that incorporates data locality for performance and replication factor for availability. This makes the two extremely compatible. And by enabling big data analytics to be virtualized like any other workload, Nutanix positions to take full advantage of the agility of virtualization—like the ability to deploy and redeploy resources rapidly.

All hardware and software infrastructure is managed through Nutanix Prism which provides a single interface for managing servers, storage, data protection, and virtualization. One-click management reduces the administrative burden and the potential for operator error while eliminating the need for planned downtime.

By deploying deploy big data analytics on bare metal, enterprises are faced with a variety of management tasks on each server that includes software upgrades and changes, firmware upgrades on drives, and so on. It can be extremely difficult to keep everything in sync, and troubleshooting becomes a lengthy and painful process. Nutanix addresses these pain points as well.


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