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In a highly digitized world such as today’s, networks, computers and other devices are constantly at risk from malicious cyber-attacks. As the technology evolves, such threats also become increasingly sophisticated to defend. To avoid and overcome these security challenges, there is a need for businesses and enterprises to adopt systems, applications and data that are complex, resilient as well as adaptive.

Digital Network Solution helps you securitize your business from cyber related risks through provision of end-to-end solutions (E2ES). With the inclusion of enhanced End Point Security, Network Security and Data Security, E2ES ensures that all nodes in the system are fortified against vulnerabilities and threats. Our industry standard knowledge, practices and domain expertise will protect your assets and keep you resilient while you focus on creating values for your business.

In addition to effective IT system and infrastructure, ensuring cyber resiliency requires incorporation of cyber resiliency practices as well. Cyber resiliency practices require behavioral change in end users and generation of risk-awareness among staffs on issues like Phishing, Online Safety, Password Safety and Information handling and so on. DNS helps you facilitate this change so that you and your company are well-secure against any cyber threats.


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Comprehensive IT Security services include


End-Point Security:

As malwares become increasingly advanced and stealthy, it is important for enterprises to continuously monitor and protect all endpoints connected to the IT network. Through antiviruses, firewalls and other highly defined security software, Digital Network Solution provides a complete protection package that detects and defends your system from potential attacks and in case of attacks and security breaches, recovers your sensitive data and information.

Data Security:

The contemporary world is driven by data. To prevent unwanted and unauthorized access to databases and to ensure digital privacy, data security therefore is of paramount importance. We, at Digital Network Solution, understand this and are committed to providing our customers with key data security technologies that are at par with industry standards. They include Encryption Solutions, Data Backup, Data-leak Prevention System and Information Rights Management (IRM).

Network Security:

An effective network security aids to an organization’s digital transformation by managing access and preventing threats and attacks from entering and spreading the system. It continuously protects consumer data and other proprietary information. In addition to preventive security, it also focuses on remediate measures to recover data and information in the event of attacks. We provide such an effective and efficient network security solution at our company. With application of multiple layers of defenses at both edge and in the network and usage of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs), we make sure that your assets and network traffic are secure from unauthorized access.

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