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Townhall Meeting

9) Event Name: Townhall Meeting

    Date: September 26, 2021


Hearing about the success journey of the workplace is just excellent and knowing the upcoming business plans doubles the excitement of exploration, learning process, and accepting the challenge.

Applauds and shoutout to every member for your determination and dedication from day 1. Thank you to each of you for your contribution to making our company stand where we are today. And Congratulations

 to our titleholder “Employee of the Year.”

Also, many thanks to Paras Khadka; we were honored to have him as a special guest. As we all know, he is a one-man army. i.e. he could do anything– bowled, bat, field, and lead the team– whenever the team required. Your journey has indeed pushed us to do better with positivity in life and once again made us realize the importance of teamwork.

Thank you for your great words!

Finally, the key points from Town Hall Meeting 2021

Create impact and contribution to make a better life for all the stakeholders through technology

Let us build the platform together to grow every potential

Teamwork is the key. Together we can!

Make a path for success by self

Think beyond and challenge yourself

Company culture helps in extending family rather than employees

Communication is the path to more substantial and transparent bonding

Appreciate each other.

And many congratulations to a titleholder, Employee of the year 2077/78







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